Our Mission

"To help people build good relationships so that they can live happier lives."

Our Story

goHappy Labs builds better group communication tools.  To date, we have 2 products:

  • goHappy Hub! - A simple and powerful way to engage and mobilize your hourly workers.
  • goHappy App - A group messaging platform that allows your group to communicate in a more organized, calm and collaborative manner.

But, as is the case with most start-ups, we didn’t start off with a focus on both of these! Initially, we started goHappy as a way to help friends and family share life with each other. And, from that initial focus, we started to have groups of all types using the goHappy App platform (and still do!) - book clubs, sororities, sports teams, etc.  

We also are incredibly passionate about hourly employees and the critical role they play.  That stems from our experience in founding and building Snagajob into the nation’s largest hourly platform for nearly 15 years.  And so, when our friends and former clients at Snagajob asked whether they could use goHappy as a way to engage with their hourly workforce, our wheels started turning and goHappy Hub! was born.  How could we take the group messaging platform that we built for groups to build a healthy sense of community and enable organizations to use it to build a better sense of connectedness between the frontline hourly employees to the company as well as a better sense of community at the team level?  And, given our focus initially on the end-user, we think that gives us a distinct advantage in having built a platform that the end-user actually loves!

For us, goHappy Hub! is the perfect intersection of our passions around relationships and workplace culture (we were a 8x time Fortune Magazine Great Place to Work and #1 in 2011 at Snagajob) and how that positively impacts an organization’s performance and the people’s lives who work there!

We couldn’t be more excited to be on this journey of helping companies and their hourly employees better engage, while still helping friends, families, sorority groups, etc. along the way!

Our Values







Our Leaders


Shawn Boyer
Founder and CEO

Founder and former CEO of Snagajob from 2000-2013, Shawn grew that company to 50m+ users and 250k employers; 8x Great Place to Work company and 5x Deloitte Fast 500. goHappy fuels his passion for nurturing meaningful relationships. Shawn loves being a husband and a dad of three awesome kids and doing anything fitness related so he doesn't feel as guilty making and drinking fun cocktails. Learn more about Shawn on Linkedin.


Dan Alloway

Dan is a product architect, UX researcher, full-stack software engineer, code-wrangler, and full-time problem-solver. goHappy fuels his passion to make the world a better place through caring conversations. Dan hikes and bikes the seven hills of Richmond, Virginia and savors the exotic cocktails Shawn serves up (see above). Learn more about Dan on Linkedin.


Adrianne Ahonen
Head of Customer Success

Adrianne heads up the College Brand Ambassador program - basically, she is in charge of making all of our friends. goHappy fuels her passion for helping people enhance their lives through their relationships and community...while having fun. Adrianne is a cool mom (not a regular mom) of two beautiful babes, is an indoor cycle instructor, and loves being active with her family in the outdoors. Learn more about Adrianne on Linkedin.