Is Your GroupMe Group Driving You Crazy?

“Hey, who went to Professor Henshaw’s Econ class last Thursday? I need the notes.”

“I’m selling my dresser — $30 OBO!”

“If anyone knows of someone who needs an apartment for the summer, my boyfriend needs to sublet his.”

“Can I borrow someone’s calculator?”

“Who’s in for going out tonight?”

“When is our first rush meeting?”

“I’m at the front door, can someone hook a sista up?”

If you’re a college student in a student organization, you may recognize this type of message thread. 70+ people in a GroupMe group. Lots of different things going on. Lots of notifications. Lots of noise. Love the group. But, hate how disorganized and noisy the group chat is.

For the last six months, we’ve been working alongside of college students to hopefully solve that pain point for you and other students like you. And, the overwhelming feedback we’re getting is that ideally you want an organized, calm and collaborative place to communicate as a group. So, based on that, we’re focused on building a group messaging platform that helps you with:


You can organize your group’s communication by conversation topic — by whatever you talk most about as a group — Class & Test Questions, Rush Planning, Events, Summer Plans, Selling Stuff, etc.


You can mute the conversations that you don’t want to get blown up with notifications about. Don’t care about anyone’s Summer Plans in the group right now? Cool — you can mute it. If you really want to see if someone answers your Econ 201 question? Cool — don’t mute Class & Test Questions.


Group members can pin “Announcements” for the stuff they need to make sure everyone in your group sees. Switching the meeting from tonight to tomorrow? Cool — pin it.


Group members can create date polls to easily find the best time/date to meet, get people to vote on where the spring formal should be, create events, create shared photo albums, etc.

So, if you’re in a busy GroupMe group, we’d love for you to give goHappy a try and see if it can’t bring some sanity to you and your group. And, if you do, we’d love to get your feedback on how we can make goHappy even better for your group!