FAVORITE HOURLY JOB: Assistant Office Manager at an Architecture firm

Adrianne has 13+ years experience in the Customer Success world with close to 9 of those years at Snagajob, focused on hourly workers and their employers.  Prior to her days in management, Adrianne was an account manager for Snagajob’s enterprise software customers such as Texas Roadhouse, Buffalo Wild Wings, Bojangles’, and HWY 55.  In addition to the fulfillment of helping workers find their right fit positions and helping companies hire and onboard stellar workers, Snagajob brought Adrianne some of her life-long pals (this isn’t random, there is a reason for this statement…).  

Adrianne has always been inspired by leaders who put their people first – they know their team on a personal level, they encourage their team to have a voice, they appreciate and recognize hard work and milestones, and they celebrate their employees.  

goHappy fuels Adrianne’s passion for helping workers build the same kind of camaraderie (and maybe even some life-long friendships…See, the point from above.) she found in her teammates, colleagues, and even leaders at Snagajob.  And, there are obvious benefits to the employers such as an increase in worker loyalty, morale, and productivity. 

Adrianne is a cool mom (not a regular mom) of two pretty incredible kids, is an indoor cycle instructor, and can most likely be found hiking, at a winery, or at home with some good music turned up…maybe having a dance party with the kids, maybe not, but definitely with a glass of wine.  Learn more about Adrianne on Linkedin.