3 Best Practices for Communicating with Your Furloughed & Laid Off Frontline

HR teams across the country are doing amazing work right now that is both emotionally and physically exhausting.  And, that is especially true of those who have needed to run point on lay-offs and furloughs within their organizations.  In our conversations with these amazing HR professionals leading the charge at some of the country’s most respected companies, there are 3 things they’re all doing from a communication standpoint with their laid off and furloughed frontline … Read More

Your Frontline Employees Want to Hear From You about COVID-19. Daily.

At a time when there is so much information coming at people, it turns out that you, their employer, are the #1 source for credible COVID-19 information they need to know. The Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report found that 63% of people rely on their companies for credible info related to COVID 19 – more than the government or the media. And, they want to hear from you frequently.  In fact, more than 60% of … Read More

goSeries: A Day in the Life of an Hourly Worker Right Now

EXTRAordinary Worker: BLAKE We all felt inspired after “meeting” Blake and hearing his story as an EXTRAordinary Worker finalist for February. One of the most fulfilling parts of our EXTRAordinary Worker Campaign has been the connections we have made with these EXTRAordinary people.  And the relationships that have developed from those connections.   So, we reached out to Blake and our other finalists to see how COVID-19 has impacted their lives.  It took one response from … Read More

Be EXTRA Kind to the Frontline Right Now

Celebrate Your Favorite Hourly Worker & Give Them a Chance to Win $1,000 While most Americans with a “desk job” are being required to work from home, millions of “desk-less” hourly workers across the country are continuing to show up to work so that we have the things we still need – grocery store clerks so that we have groceries (and MAYBE even some toilet paper!), delivery drivers so that we don’t have to expose … Read More

5 Simple Steps to Reduce Your Hourly Employees Fear & Show Them How Much You Care

Three days ago I was having lunch at the top of a mountain at a Colorado ski resort during our family’s spring break, and as we talked to our server about COVID-19 and whether the resort had talked about closing, she said her team had a meeting with her manager that morning and there were discussions that the mountain might close. She was scared to death because she didn’t know how she was going to … Read More

goHappy’s Extraordinary Ordinary People Campaign

goHappy Hub! is thrilled to officially kick off The goHappy Extraordinary Ordinary People Campaign in order to recognize the amazing work that hourly workers are doing every day through which we will be giving away over $20,000 in 2020 to these incredibly deserving individuals.   As we talked about in “The Extraordinary Ordinary Window Cleaner” post last month, we want to celebrate people who are doing what most people would describe as “ordinary” jobs.  But, they … Read More

The Extraordinary Ordinary Window Cleaner

As I was sitting there waiting for my food at the Legal Sea Foods at Boston’s Logan International Airport in November of 2012, a man caught my eye.  He was outside on a ladder cleaning the windows of the gate next to the restaurant. As I sat there and watched him, I was mesmerized by how meticulous he was.  He was so carefully cutting into the corners of each window. There was no element of … Read More

Introducing goHappy Hub!; Where Your Frontline Drives Your Bottom Line

We’re super excited to announce our newest goHappy Labs product offering – goHappy Hub!  With goHappy Hub!, organizations now have a simple and powerful way to: Communicate with their frontline hourly employees; and Enable their frontline hourly employees to communicate and collaborate with each other in smaller group settings – whether those groups are by location, team, district, etc. As part of goHappy Hub!, organizations are able to do the following: Create an overarching organization … Read More

Is Your GroupMe Group Driving You Crazy?

If you’re a college student in a student organization, you may recognize this type of message thread. 70+ people in a GroupMe group. Lots of different things going on. Lots of notifications. Lots of noise. Love the group. But, hate how disorganized and noisy the group chat is.