February 2020


Barista Shift Lead
& Trainer

Aramark: Starbucks 
Plano, Texas

Blake has worked as a barista at Starbucks for many years. He is an exceptionally knowledgable barista trainer & shift lead. What is most amazing about Blake is not his coffee skills, but his personality that shines a light on everyone he meets.

Everyone is his friend. A young man of exemplary character & customer service, he befriends executive to janitor alike. This is even more amazing given his condition. You would never know by looking at him & he rarely brings it up, he struggles with a genetic Blood Disorder called "ALPS".

Since losing access to his family's health insurance, he often works double shifts to pay his health costs & get through college---all with a smile & extra-ordinary ethics. He never cuts corners & always displays unbelievable positivity. By looking at him or talking with his customers, you can see that despite his occasional sickly appearance, he genuinely cares for the people he serves & loves the work he does. He will do anything to help out another person with their troubles--coworker or customer alike.

Not to mention, the boy makes a damn good cup of coffee.


Breakfast Attendant

Country Inn & Suites by Raddison
Ashland, VA

Marsha is our breakfast attendant at our hotel. She has been with us since the beginning (almost 9 years now!).

Not a day goes by that she doesn't brighten someone's day. She HUGS all of our guests that come to breakfast and they travel back to our hotel just to see her. We receive countless positive reviews about her service.

She goes way above and beyond for her job title and is so very passionate about what she does. She has a love for people and makes not only her workplace, but the world a better place one hug at a time!

Thanks for all you do Mrs. Marsha!!!

March 2020


Restaurant GM

Richmond, VA

Erin is the daughter of restaurant owners of Kreggers, she has worked for her parents since they first opened in 2015. She is now General Manager at the Cary St. location.

With the closure of the business due to COVID-19 she was laid off, as were the rest of their employees, but she remains working in the restaurant to help her family’s business survive by selling extra produce for a small price to those who need groceries. She also created a relief fund to help her fellow employees who are now out of work. Although this is an incredibly stressful time for her family she is doing everything she can to help!


Critical Care Unit Secretary

Richmond, VA

Jackie has worked multiple jobs her entire life since she had her son in college and was a single mother until she met her husband 4 years later.

Since then, she has always worked hard having extensive full-time jobs and/or multiple jobs and working weeks and weekends to make ends meet. She works hard to give her children a good life.

Currently, she works as a Unit Secretary at MCV where she works 8-12 hour shifts during the week and most weekends. When she is not working hard there, she fills her extra free time working at Arhaus Furniture to get extra money to help put her daughter through college.  With any extra money she makes, she always puts it towards something special for her family.